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JWS CONSTRUCTION Co., Ltd. has been established by a group of experienced people who realize the rapid growth of the demand for quality, engineering services in the field of Civil building works, Sanitary and System Engineering Design, construction.

The key personnel employed by JWS CONSTRUCTION Co., Ltd. are highly qualified graduates of accredited and reputable universities. They have accumulated many years of experience that enable us to combine a detailed knowedge of local customs, regulations and requirements with the resources and skill of the international networks and practices from our permanent staff.

At present JWS CONSTRUCTION Co., Ltd. works for the benefit of the clients by utilizing the capabilities of our top specialize contractors, providing project management, for highly specialized technical support, we are also able to call on oue international resources to satisfy those specific requirements.From the list of project and the attached resume with work experience of our Key staff, it is quite apparent that our company has been satisfactorily engaged in multidisciplinary project in both public and private sectors.

Our key staff has been exposed to a wide range of expertise covering residential facilities, warehouse,high risebuilding and factories, office and commercial buildings etc. our experiences will ensure that our approach in all area will always be technically and practically feasible and can effectively be implemented.

The firm has drawn up the main goals and objectives which are adopted as.. See more >> COMPANY OBJECTIVES